Friday, August 21, 2009

Wormwood Original Art up on Ebay

Wormwood Original At up on Ebay

Finally put another piece of art up on Ebay. Check it out here. Figured it was time to offer up another little bit of Wormwood! This page is from Calamari Rising, issue 3 of 4, page 13. My kitties need food. Hell, so do I, though I can't eat much fun stuff anymore due to high blood pressure. Apparently I'll explode or something.


Perfect Oddity said...

I absolutely love Wormwood <3 A friend of mine told me about it a little while ago, I saw some, and bought Volumes, 1&3 so far....still searching for Volume 2. I am hoping to GOD I can find a copy of the whole Four horseman and the Apocalypse. I am sorry, I forgot the title of that one *blushes*. I love the comic. In fact I have a friend that greatly resembles Wormwoods favorite "meat suit" Reggie.

If I could show you a photo, I would, you'd probably laugh. You should definitely make more Wormwood comics. I know at least a handful of people who would buy them. Including myself, and I keep spreading the word to any comic lover I know. Wormwood rocks <3 Here's to hoping you come out with more. *cheers*

Perfect Oddity said...

Oh! I thought I should also mention, that friend I told you, who resembles wormwood is planning on getting him tattooed on his ribs. Frankly, I can't wait to see it.