Friday, April 02, 2010

Squidgirls Cover A

Squidgirls Cover A

Hardcover. 100 Pages. Limited edition. Comes in Colossal, Kraken and Humboldt versions. Sometime in May.


Jason McCulley said...

Do you know yet where it will be available?

Templesmith said...

Ummm... "Sometime in May."?

Hopefully for C2E2, if not, for the next con.

Odett said...

Dear Ben,

I'm sure you are accustomed to such comments but I just wanted to let you know that i'm a huge fan of your amazing work and that it really inspires me on my own draws.
Nevertheless I'm a little bit disappointed to see that your comics are really seldom in France.

(btw if you want to check


Jason McCulley said...

I saw the when. My question was with regards to the where.

Amazon? Your personal store? Friendly local comic stores everywhere?

Templesmith said...

Zero- check out the very latest blog post I just put up. :-P

Odett- Many thanks! Actually, almost all the good stuff I've ever done is in French. Via Delcourt. Promise! Two new ones launching in September over there. ( I may be in Paris for that too )