Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cyberman Work In Progress...

A few shots of how the Cyberman I did for my San Diego Comic-con promo  looked before it came about. ( & yeah, for those that sadly miss out on the con, I put the piece up on ebay too. )

Cyberman WIP01

Cyberman WIP02

Forgot to take pics in the pencil only stage. Here he is, all inked and I've been adding pencil tones.

Cyberman WIP03

Cyberman WIP04

More pencil and I start with the watercolour washes.

Cyberman WIP05

Cyberman WIP06

After a lot more layers and washes, I work back into it with a white pen.

Cyberman WIP07

How it looks as an original piece of art before I whack it on the computer.

Cyberman WIP08

I layer some previously painted textures and such into the image, do a bit of darkening up parts of the armour and highlight a few others. A little lighting for kicks before I add some tonal colour to get the final image that becomes my promo piece for San Diego Comic-Con. Huzzah!

San Diego Comic-con & Templesmith

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Unknown said...


Just finished season two. I think the words "Exterminate!" "Delete!" "Exterminate!" "Delete!" pretty much sum up that fight.

However, nothing will strike as much terror for me in that show as the little boy with the gas mask in season 1 ... "Are you my mummy?"

But anyhoo... what I was trying to say is very nice Cyberman you've got there. Feel free to ignore the other rambling.