Tuesday, February 24, 2009

G'Day World & Groom Lake

So apparently this will be an incredibly egotistical post about myself that I have to use a previous image I've shown to spice up. Apologies in advance.

30 Days Til Death #4

1. The podcast I did for "G'Day World" is up. Cheers to Cam for asking me to do it. I honestly never thought I'd ever be on something called "G'Day World" but there you go. I think I forgot to mention all the baby eating though. Check it out here.

2. Comicpants.com just gave Groom Lake #1 a rather nice review. So uh, I guess that proves Chris Ryall and I aren't absolute liars when we say we think the book is worth picking up? It's not verified yet but the book also potentially has a cure for cancer, wipes out all your tax debts and has been known to grow bald men's hair back just from them glancing at it. Groom Lake #1 is truly one for the ages, uh, yes. Yes indeed.

Got some insane deadlines to deal with, just finished the Dracula book so expect some art to show for that soon. I've neglected talking about it as I've just been so busy and didn't have much to show for it until recently.

May be some rather interesting news coming up shortly but under pain of death I'm not allowed to say. Thus making me one of those pricks that just tease you like an utter bastard. Sorry.


carl rothwell said...

rock god or ink magician cool work is cool work n bad work well is usually mine muhahahahahah

carl rothwell said...

hey ben sweet work on groomlake and the upcomin dracula, ive been fortunate enough to get to do a cple of pin ups for issues 3 and 4 of groomlake n i have to say it feels cool to have a lil bit of work in somthing as kick ass as groomlake
so cheers

Unknown said...

Nice to hear Dracula is finished up... Been wanting to see your work in that one.

Cheers on the review and podcast as well...!!

Randy Lander said...

I read Groom Lake #1, and I'm still going quite bald. I call shenanigans.

But Groom Lake #1 was a great read, so I forgive you. :)

Unknown said...

Just ordered all of Hoxford and Wormwood, can't wait to give them a read!

Groom Lake and Dracula will be next on the list. Excellent work as always!