Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Welcome to Hoxford TPB Cover

Well, it's wednesday here in the US, and that means COMICS DAY. The little birdy that tells me things has now mentioned that WELCOME TO HOXFORD is actually out! Sadly, it kind of snuck up on me as for some reason, no advance copy turned up so I have no pretty pictures of me flipping through the interiors. Oh well. The cover will have to suffice.

I hope you guys dig it. I really did the whole thing intending for it to be read more in long form rather than the floppies. It's also got a bunch of stuff in the back. I can't thank the people who've already read the book enough, since it was generally really well received. I hope all you peeps who've been "waiting for the trade" also dig it.

IMPORTANT: If your store didn't get any in, or sold out, you can still get one as they did overprint. Just tell your nice, delightful, amazing human being of a retailer that it's order code is: DEC084112 or for book stores it's ISBN is: 160010374X

or get it here on amazon.
or check at the IDW store shortly for a signed/personalized copy. ( I'll blog that when they come available soon )

Next up I should probably post all the images I took of NYCCC ( many many thanks to all who came out to see me, it was actually quite overwhelming, never been so busy! ), I've just been snowed under with the usual deadline crud!


PatShand said...

I was indeed waiting for the trade. Buuuuut then I found a copy of #1 at Comic Con and couldn't resist. I posted a review of the issue (I know, late, I know) to encourage people that it starts off strong, so the trade is definitely worth buying.

Templesmith said...

Cheers big time Pat!

I hope you like from #2 that's where everything *really* kicks off...with quite a bit more gore too. :-)

PatShand said...

I'll be checking it out soon, providing useless things like gas and food don't zap my check this week ahaha.

Unknown said...

been looking forward to the trade and just finished it.

enjoyed it thoroughly, seriously up my alley. just wanted to send some love back. keep up the great work and all the best.

cannot wait for Wormwood

Unknown said...

Hi Ben, I'm from Novara, Italy, and I've already red the 4 numbers seris ordering them from USA, but I also ordered the trade and I'm waiting for it!
Thanx for exist!