Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WONDERCON+ quick notes


I was going to spell it "Vundercon" first, but figured I should atleast use a "W". It's Wondercon time this weekend up in San Francisco ( c*cksucka! ) and I'll be there on the Saturday only, signing at the Outpost Comics booth up there. 3-5pm. Darick Robertson is also rumoured to be signing there throughout the whole con on and off.

Come by, say hi and tell me how annoyed you get by my constant abuse of twitter.

Also, a fellow aussie, Will Elliot has now broken into the US market with his book The Pilo Family Circus

Also, if you do actually slap your c*ck down on my signing table at Wondercon ( as I suggested you NOT do if you want to break into comics via my twitter ) I should warn you I will have a knife on me and will be collecting "samples" for "research". I told people the best ACTUAL way to break into comics was to send me your hawt girlfriends or sell me your small children in bite sized chunks. Does nobody read anymore?


Bonnie said...

I'll be sure to stop by and say howdy! Glad you could invade San Francisco, even if just for a day!

Templesmith said...

Yay! Cheers for all the retweets+postings btw. Don't think they go unnoticed.