Monday, March 30, 2009

Behold, the updated online store section.

Phoebe Phoenix

Finally! I know I plugged some of the new prints I put up in my Cafepress On Demand store last week, ( Of which the image above is one ) but finally the store section on my actual website ( You know, ) is now a little more current too. All the major stuff that's currently in print ( err, unless it's now sold out ) like Wormwood, Fell & 30 Days are now up with convenient little links to their Amazon pages and a few of the Cafepress prints nd sketchbooks are as well.

Don't know what I'm on about? Well this blog stuff gets put in a variety of places, like:


...but ultimately shows up on my *actual* real site, you know, the one with an online archive gallery, appearance schedule/dates and yes, links to how you can actually get some of the stuff so I won't get quite so much email saying "I really want it but I can't find book X, please how can I get it?" which actually happens quite a bit.

I should be adding a bunch more stuff to the online store over time now, so if interested, keep an eye on it. Now I have to work. Monday's are best taken out back & put out of their misery in a quiet & dignified manner, possibly with a shotgun.

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I think that's one of my favs