Tuesday, July 21, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con Begins for me NOW

The biggest pop culture con in North America is about to begin. For me, it's a little early thanks to some guests staying with us for the duration and a meeting up in LA I have to travel to right before it all truly kicks off on the Thursday.

So, if you're going, have a blast. Check out the poster below if you still need to know where I'll be if you want to drop by for a chat or some signatures or some art. ( Mostly at Splashpage Art booth #4400 of course ) Be safe, don't drink tooooo much and remember you need to EAT FOOD at least once over the next week.

As you can see, I have come prepared.

Will try to update again when news of the NEW PROJECT goes live. Then I won't shutup about the bloody thing.

Booze for San Diego Comic-con

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