Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have you always wanted to be a comic book artist, or did you have ambitions to be a visual artist (or indeed something completely different) and sort of fell into the illustration industry?

Nope. Before comics, I wanted to be an Entomologist and a Paleontologist.

But I never wanted to be a comic book *artist*. I wanted to do the lot. I wanted to tell stories. Just so happened the art came first because I was ok at it and it's easier to show people what you've got!

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E J Zyla = ▲₣ΙŁĶΔ ▲ said...

I have myself just really realized that perhaps my writing side is the predominant force behind the reason why i draw/create -
That maybe i was never an "artist" first but a writer + that Illustration/drawing helps me coax the ideas out...

Basically thats all visual art is - another language.

My question for you is - Do you draw or write more when an idea or concept formulates?