Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yes, come see me and Antony Johnston, possibly in suits, definitely not one of if not the coolest store in NorAm. Isotope. Overseen by that dapper chap, James Sime.

As the text says below, there *should* be some stuff of mine on the walls, as well as a slew of more personal comic art for sale ( Mostly some Wormwood I'm willing to part with, plus some stuff from my previous exhibition, 30 Days of Night: Red Snow, Fell and some older stuff I dug out while moving I'm letting go super cheap. )
This event will break the internet into tenths, it's that big.

I will be drinking/signing/sketching as long as I can for and with anyone who shows up.

San Francisco Isotope party!

Direct from the Isotope website:

Australian artist of 30 Days of Night and Fell, Ben Templesmith, and the British writing sensation Antony Johnston, author of the excellent Wasteland and a personal favorite of mine The Long Haul, hit the Isotope in high style from 8pm until the witching hour.

Templesmith is bringing in several armloads of original art from Wormwood: Gentlemen Corpse for sale and Johnston will have limited edition printings of his Wasteand scripts created just for this event on hand. Truly an event not to be missed!

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