Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yes yes, I am actually BACK.

Well, it's almost been a month. Almost. But I'm finally set up again ( sort of ) and have functional internet. Which modern humans need slightly more than air these days.

Also, for no apparent reason. I currently have a virus I picked up in this northern hemisphere winter. It's trying to make me sound like Tom Waits, and hell, I'm not going to discourage it from doing so.

Lots going on, so much that I'll probably forget plenty, but here's a few vital things coming up in the immediate future I should probably scream from the rooftops.

First off, thanks for all the kind words on the Wormwood oneshot, SEGUE TO DESTRUCTION, which came out in January while I was off.

The other week also saw the release of the first issue of the new Wormwood story, CALAMARI RISING ( 1 of 4 ) which you can find some art for below. If you haven't seen it yet, this is what it looks like and ask your retailer why the hell they didn't get it in if you can't find it! So far, I've gotten what seems to be the best reviews for Wormwood ever, here and here, as well as a rather amusing first negative one I've seen. ( I always acknowledge the good as well as the bad, otherwise what's the point eh?)

If you need to, you can find both SEGUE TO DESTRUCTION and CALAMARI RISING 1 of 4 over at the IDW store here. Hell, I think you can even get a subscription.

More to come shortly.






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