Friday, July 11, 2008

International Horror Guild Award Nominations

Just learned that I've been nominated for the International Horror Guild Award in the Illustrated Narrative section...not once, but kinda...twice. Freaky stuff! For Wormwood and a short I did in an Anthology ( Put together via Heidi MacDonald yay! )

It's always nice to get nominations ( but of course, I'll never actually win! ) but especially nice this time to get a nod for my writing, on Wormwood, which has never happened before. Someone out there apparently likes me, so many, many thanks.


* Scalped: Indian Country. Jason Aaron (writer) R.M. Gu�ra (artist) (Vertigo/DC Comics)
* The Nightmare Factory. Thomas Ligotti (creator/writer), Joe Harris & Stuart Moore (writers), Ben Templesmith, Michael Gaydos, Colleen Doran & Ted McKeever (illustrators) (Fox Atomic/Harper Paperbacks)
* The Blot. Tom Neely (I Will Destroy You)
* The Arrival. Shaun Tan (Arthur A. Levine Books)
* Wormwood Gentleman Corpse: Birds, Bees, Blood & Beer. Ben Templesmith (IDW)

Now I'm off for 17 hours on a plane.



Lesath said...

What is up man.
I not made it! Can send you an e-mail with a cover art that I made, I was wonder if you will apreciate. Damn my inglish.
I realy like Wormwood, you colors are the best, you put life in the fucking thing.
And congratulations for the nomination!
I post medusa on my blog, if you wana give a litle look, just a flash look, and, how knows, a comentary? UHmmm, ok, farewell!

Templesmith said...

I would look man but you've made your blogger profile private so I can't fnd your blog!

Joe Jusko said...

Congrats, bud!!!! BTW, I empathize with LAX. What a MISERABLE experience!