Sunday, July 13, 2008

San Diego Comic-Con

Yes, LAX continues to be one of the most horrible airport experiences out there but I have survived the entry back into the States. Still shaking off this damn virus though.

But onto the San Diego Comic-con!

Yes, the big one. The mother of all cons. The Grande Armee of convention paper mache deathstar cosplayers, will soon be upon us. And let's not forget the virtual soft porn nature of some of the female outfits. Sometimes it feels like a strip club with the lights turned on.

And yes, I will be there. Some people have been asking, but can only assume they don't check my appearance section on, which you know, has a fair bit of info...and I'll be updating it with more soon.

So! If you'd like to meet me, get any/all your books signed, come by these booths at these times, or possibly seek me out at the IDW Booth anyway, my official home on the con floor, or in the Gaslamp Hilton bar, though if you do that, you gotta buy me a drink/beverage or buy a sketch off me or something as I will also be working at the con. But it may be a better way for a more informal chat outside of the convention madness. ( this isn't madness, this is Sparta etc. )

I will have a small amount of personal art on me for sale, plus Splashpage art in the original art dealer section has my more commercial work, though I've yet to hear back if I'll be appearing at their booth as yet. IDW will also have an EXCLUSIVE ashcan for WELCOME TO HOXFORD.

Here's my current schedule that I'm aware of, though I have a bunch of meetings I'm told I'll be doing also, yet t slot in:


Injecting myself with as much caffeine as I can in preparation.


Image Comics Signing 2pm-4pm


Meetings 9am-10am

IDW Publishing Signing 11am-12pm

Image Comics Signing 2pm-4pm


IDW Publishing Signing 10am-11am

IDW Publishing Panel 11am-12pm room 3

Meetings 12pm-2pm

Image Comics Signing 2pm-3:15pm

Gentle Giant booth 3:30pm- 4:30pm


IDW Publishing Signing 12pm-1pm

1 comment:

Edward Kaye said...

Have a great time at the con mate! You seem to have one hell of a schedule in there, but I'm sure it'll all pay off in the end :)

Wish I could come down to the con and meet people, but I it's going to have to wait until next year. I'm a British Expat, and I just got my Canadian residency last month, but the buggers told me I can't leave Canada until my Resident card comes through! I bet you the damn thing comes though on Friday, or monday. Just to rub it in!

Maybe I'll see you down there next year. I'd love some of your artwork to put up in our new house. I bet my wife would hate it. Added Bonus!

Oh yeah, I've got Welcome to Hoxford pre-ordered at my comic store, and I'm ooking forward to it like hell!