Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SDCC The madness begins.

Well it does for me. Already taking meetings and doing bloody interviews.

A quick recap to get to this point.

Dinner with Aaron Weisenfeld.

Dinner with Aaron Wiesenfeld.

Who does comics no longer, but instead does fantastic paintings. ( he's on the far right of the blurry photo )

SDCC Pre-con cocktails

SDCC Pre-con cocktails

Held at my place downstairs where a bunch of delightful people proceeded to show up and drink all me booze.

Big cheers to Fraser Irving, Jaime McKelvie, Kieron Gillen, Jim Lee, Joe Keating, Brian Hitch, Heidi MacDonald and a bunch of other people I forget, for turning up to the little shindig.

SDCC Pre-con cocktails

Silent Mexican films played on the wall the whole time.


Royd Burgoyne and Mr Fraser Irving. Top blokes for foreign types in a strange land.


Brian Hitch and some tosser named Templesmith.

And now onto the real convention. I will have the last few copies of PoppyCock, my first sketchbook/exhibition book on me at the con, so if you see me and want one, just ask and ye shall receive. ( For a donation of twenty bucks or so )

The madness begins. And I still have deadlines to contend with.

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