Thursday, July 03, 2008

Perth Supanova Comic Convention

It would have to happen. I've caught some bug off someone finally, in the depths of winter during the Aussie cons. Most of the people at the con had it while we were there but it saved me for last it seems.

So considering that, I'm just going to throw upa few of the photos from the Perth con, which, to all intents and purposes was a great success. From what I hear it'll be an annual fixture if the crowds continue to be this good. Thanks to all who came out!

Once I'm feeling better I'll get back to some actual art on this blog.

Chaykin and Jusko Perth signing
Chaykin and Jusko signing.

Professional Convention Signing supplies
Yes. Jusko Cheese.

Jewl and Kandyse and some idiot
Jewl and Kandyse and some idiot.

Dalek Fondling
Dalek Fondling.

Da Boyz
Chaykin, Jusko, McKewen, Chaloner, Templesmith, Burgoyne and Yardin.

My, that's a big one...
Chaykin says it's phallic. I say it's err...

Kandyse cuts the BSG cake.
Kandyse cuts the BSG cake.She missed the wrap party for the entire show, so she got a cake in Perth instead.

Sunday night drinks in Perth
Saying the goodbyes after 2 weeks of convention madness.


Royd said...

Hey Ben, great to see I made into one of your photos from Supanova Perth! It was a blast and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon in San Diego :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, what's with the annoying one eyebrow raised look thing? It just aint cool!

Templesmith said...

Note to self. Must follow "mushroomboy's" sense of cool, as quite clearly, his sense of cool is much better than anyone elses.


Anonymous said...

Heh...better believe it bucko!