Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here's the CHOKER #3 cover in all it's glory. Yes, I have a ton of progress shots and commentary, but they'll be in the back of the actual book before anywhere else. Remember, being a smaller indie book, you have to make sure your friendly local comics retailer is going to order a copy or two in. Tell em you want one and that it's order code is: FEB10 0391


And CHOKER #2 should be out in March. If you didn't already make sure you're getting a copy in it's order code is: JAN10 0458

Remember, the books don't magically show up on the shelves unless it's something like Spider-man or Batman. The indie stuff you really have to make sure you ask for in advance so they know to get a copy or two in. Yes, tis a hard life. Cue the violins. Always has to be noted though.

2009 is over, hello 2010 CHOKER 2!

Huge thanks to Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard for letting us have a wee little CHOKER #1 preview in the back of Image comics THE WALKING DEAD #69 ( My favourite issue number of any book! )

WALKING DEAD is out next week...not that you guys wouldn't know that, since TWD is such an insanely popular book and rightly so. Huzzah!

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