Saturday, January 16, 2010

Original Art!

If you're ever wondering where some of the bigger pieces of original art I do go, ( I get a bunch of queries so hopefully this takes care of a few in the future, ) like covers and stuff as much as the regular comic pages, all the WFH ( Work For Hire ) things generally get sent ( eventually, heh, as I am slow at mailing complex packages! ) to Mark Hay over at who handles all those sorts of projects. ( not to mention a bunch of other great artists, my section being here, ) Just sent off a big ol' package to them and here's a few things I included. Amongst the things, GI Joe art from the Baroness one-shot I recently did, Some Dead Space, Groom Lake, the proper big painted Dracula cover I did and a ton of other works. You can contact Mark direct here if you want to try and get anything before it eventually goes up on his site.

Original Art

Original Art

Apart from the few bits and bobs I whack on ebay, I generally keep most of the more personal art I write and draw myself and much of the creator-owned work ( my precious babies that they are, ) are things I hold on to as well but bring a few pages of to cons and maybe, will have on the new online store that'll eventually be up. More on that later.

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