Wednesday, September 05, 2007

30 Days of Night The Movie Film: The Game and Me

Via a large article on me and the game at IGN:

One might think that making the leap to videogames would have posed unique challenges for a comic book artist but for Templesmith, "It was actually easier than the comics, as character creation is the not so hard bit! I had only broad guidelines to go with so it was quick and easy really. I've done an entire book of character generation recently, so overall this was a fun job, not difficult in the slightest."

Indeed, Templesmith has found the experience of seeing his work turned into both a film and now a game vastly rewarding. "It makes me feel like a pale sweaty middle aged businessman as he sits on a tropical beach drinking a cocktail watching the sun set after he's just defrauded a large group of senior citizen investors of their life savings and fled the country. In other words, like I'm getting away with something that's almost criminal. It's just not right that little ol' me should get my visuals so amazingly put to film far more faithfully than I thought possible. David Slade, his art guys and WETA did a bang up job."

Start playing the 30 Days of Night Online Multiplayer Fighting Game by clicking here.

I'll post a bunch of stuff from my designs and art for it next. There's a bunch in the article as well if you can't wait.

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