Monday, September 24, 2007

pOppycOck: Exhibition At The Secret Headquarters

Just a quick clarafication as apparently a few people I'm told, were a tad confused by the last posting about the art show...

Yes, I will be there! ( the opening I mean ) and will be happy to sign and stuff as much as I can.

So yep, please come on down to the art show, Poppycock, and see a whole bunch of my art, plus originals for sale, some prints and...deadlines permitting, be the first people able to get your hands on my new sketchbook. ( also called poppycock )

The details are:

12 October 2007
Poppycock! Opening Reception
Opening Reception for the Templesmith art show: Poppycock at Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles.
A show featuring work from 30 Days of Night, Wormwood and some other bits a pieces.
Join me at 8pm for drinks and art!
Secret Headquarters
Los Angeles, CA. United States


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