Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Booook Launch!

Just been recovering from a massive headache which meant I basically spent a day in bed trying to sleep it off as the drugs didn't work. Fun fun times. All this ironically, after just doing an interview and photo shoot thingy for one of the bigger local papers ( Sunday Times ). I felt like such an airhead model. Which is easy, since, well, I am an airhead, though not good looking enough to get by without needing to actually work for a living. Cheers to Shannon and Jodie for putting up with me.

And yes, my brothers Brian and Bruce decided to not help me out or anything, so don't expect to hear much out of those buggers for the foreseable. I think they've had their day in the sun for now.


In Perth? Well, tomorrow night, I will be making an arse out of myself at a book launch for a cool new local graphic novel that's out. VOWELS, by Skye Ognden from Gestalt Publishing. I will be talking about genitals...and probably a couple other things as they've asked me to give a few words. Yes, I will be drinking before hand.

So rather than blather on, this here is what Gestalt are saying about the event and such, with detals as to who when and where. Come along if you're in town.

to join us in celebrating the release of Skye Ogden's debut graphic novel, VOWELS, on Friday 28 September 2007 at Planet Books from 6:30pm

Local comics legend Ben Templesmith (co-creator of 30 Days of Night and a whole lot more besides) will provide commentary on the book, Grant Stone (presenter of RTR FM's 'Faster Than Light') will be your host, and creator Skye Ogden will be flying in from Tokyo, Japan for a signing session (and a few drinks to boot)

Beer and nibbles will be graciously provided by the ever-so-decent folk at Planet Books

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