Thursday, September 13, 2007

pOppycOck: Exhibition At The Secret Headquarters


Yep, it's finally happened. Check for up to date details on my main site, ( which has a slight revamp with more info and a new gallery soonish ) in the events section or just watch for where people are running and screaming from, it'll be close by.

And super thanks to some special of peeps who helped get this going, they know who they are. :)

So feel free to come on down, abuse me, attempt to drink me under the table, deport me etc etc. Lots of fun with whatever you guys do to Australians. There'll be a bunch of originals for sale, hopefully a new sketchbook and am happy to sign anything you want. ( Well almost know what I mean )

Yes, this image will no doubt be in the show, plus many more of the Leprechaun Queen in several compromising positions. Below is the back of the same postcard that should be going out.

12 October 2007
Poppycock! Opening Reception
Opening Reception for my art show: Poppycock at Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles. Join me at 8pm for drinks and art!
Los Angeles, CA. United States


12 October - 12 November 2007
Poppycock! The Comics and Art of Ben Templesmith.
A show featuring work from 30 Days of Night, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse and some other bits a pieces.
Secret Headquarters
Los Angeles, CA. United States

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