Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Official Apology. We have been living a lie. Time to come clean.

Brace yourselves, this could possibly be explosive.

The recent news from the magazine "Game Informer" has brought to light what has really been an open secret in the comic book industry for several years now. And we'd like to officially apologize for misleading people, or using this lie to somehow augment the reputation that Ben somehow manages to do all the work alone on the comics as one person where normally at least 3 are needed to finish a comic.

We conferred for a few days and we've decided to now come clean and get it out in the open. Ben Templesmith is not just one person. In fact, he's three. We're actually triplets. ( Ben is still the oldest though ) And we'd like to officially apologize to anyone and everyone for ever misrepresenting this fact.

Game Informer, in recently spilling the beans about the upcoming new project we're involved with, the Dead Space comic ( being written by Antony Johnston! ) and computer game, correctly and for the first known time, cited Bruce Templesmith as the artist. Yeah, Bruce hasn't been talked about much, mostly because he's the least social of the three of us, due to his battle with alcoholism and drugs, but we need to correct Game Informer slightly. Bruce is only the colourist. We rarely if ever let him do pencils or inks. Usually the drawing goes to the other unsung, though often mentioned brother of mine, Brian. He's really the best penciller among us, and I usually just ink his work. Except on the old Singularity7 stuff. That was all Bruce. ( where the drinking, I'm sure you'll agree, becomes far too apparent. )We've not let him actually draw a book since.

We did say this was an open secret though, as anyone who can follow the clues can see by doing a google search on Brian, he often still gets the credit he deserves , even when we request the name change to stay in keeping with our "one identity image". But to their credit, kind folks like Silverbullet.com consistently makes sure the right brother gets some loving, like here and here, as well as good chaps here and here, who, even while giving Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse 4.5 out of 5 stars, makes sure to credit the right bloke for a lot of the work done. So we thank all the guys for their honesty. We're just tired now of living the lie any longer.

So yeah...we've agreed we'll no longer try to deceive people that we're only Ben, when the 3 of us should really share any credit (or damnation ) for the work we put out.

We would like to make just a couple of other things clear though. Yes, Ben does indeed write Wormwood, but all 3 of us do the art, though only at Bruce's insistence will there be a scene where the Pope is caught wanking off to some kiddie porn in the next issue. That was all him and we tried to talk him around, but...well, that's why we try to have him mentioned the least. He's a nice guy, just a bit misunderstood.

So, next time you're reading a book by the Templesmith Brothers, please remember the other two. We'll be starting to correctly credit the books from now on. We owe it to the true fans.


Ben, Brian and Bruce.

PS, we will now be known as "T3". Hope you understand guys.

And thanks for your continued support!

So here it is...our first offical photo with all of us together. From left to right: Brian, the moody emo one. In center, Ben, who usually handles the PR, and far right, Bruce, who we try to keep out of the spotlight as much as possible.

We are however, for a short time only, available for interviews as all 3 of us together. We will however, usually only speak through Ben.


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