Saturday, September 01, 2007

First real 30 Days of Night: Red Snow review I've seen

...and amazingly, really seem to dig it. I am quite speechless.

The book is currently listed with IDW as being out on shelves from September 5th. If you can't get it out there, you can also get it here.

Templesmith's characterizations are top-notch as well. The vampires maintain an aura of mystery; only occasionally are they seen, and even then, usually only in glimpses. The few clear images of them are delightfully creepy. There are a few instances of obvious set-ups. Of course, the Nazi sniper with a penchant for gleefully raping and murdering Russian women will get his comeuppance. But what of the German who hesitantly questions the command to shoot Russian women and children in the back? Or the young Russian lad eager to prove his worth in battle? Templesmith does an excellent job of making the reader care about his characters, whether you want to see them live through the promised melee, or torn to shreds by the murderous, toothy undead.

Damn pity about the logo placement over the cover though. Ah well. Wasn't my choice.

Edit: Ooh, perhaps I spoke to soon. This looks like the real actual cover. Looks like the way it was planned too. Happy happy joy joy.

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