Monday, September 03, 2007

For peeps in Perth: Comiczone signed books again

For anyone living in Perth, Comiczone got another shipment in of my stuff, including copies of FELL, TOMMYROT, NIGHTMARE FACTORY, HATTER M, and of course, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT books as the last bunch I signed basically sold out a few days after I signed them all.

So I signed this bunch too. So anything they've got, should be autographed if you're so inclined and missed out last time. No new CONLUVIO's as yet, but was told more are on the way.

ComicZone are at 572 Hay Street Perth, Western Australia.

No 30 Days of Night: Red Snow as yet, but when it's in, any copy you get there should be scribbled on also.

Got to support the local boys who try to grow the comics market!




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